PMP Certification Explained Step by Step

The Project Management Professional (PMP) degree is given by the Project Management Institute (PMI) and has existed for a significant amount of time. It basically certifies you as an expert in project management.

The benefits of getting a PMP include potential salary increase as well as better professional recognition and better potential in general. It also looks great on your resume, making it stand out.

The exam is 4 hours and has 200 questions and is taken on a computer at a testing center.


To take it, you need to have at least a significant amount of experience, from 3-5 years, working as a project manager. Continue reading “PMP Certification Explained Step by Step”

Checkpoint Certifications – Useful Tools to Enhance One’s Career

Economies all over the world have suffered at the hands of recession and more and more people are getting jobless every day as the companies are downsizing and relieving the excess staff. In such a scenario only the best employees are being kept and for the hiring too extreme care is taken that only the best of the best are chosen. This new hiring mindset has increased the importance of experience in the field a lot and the fresh graduates are not being considered by the companies. But all is not lost for the fresh graduates; the certifications that are being provided by many of the big companies come in handy in such circumstances because they validate the potential of the fresh graduate and at the same time certify that the candidate has full knowledge of the field.

Checkpoint is a security systems provider which provides the people an opportunity to carve out a career in the IT industry by getting checkpoint certifications which are highly regarded in the IT field. Continue reading “Checkpoint Certifications – Useful Tools to Enhance One’s Career”

Make a Successful Attempt For Microsoft Dot Net 4 Web Developer 70-523 Exam

.NET Framework 4 Web Developer 70-523 exam is just published and countless 3.5 developers are planning to upgrade their skill sets. Alongside the spread of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 technology, the demand of.NET 4 developers is mounting as well. And the value of Microsoft 70-523 exam is going to further increase in the coming years. As a result both professionals and organizations are fast adopting the environment to heighten their efficiency.

Released in Oct 2010, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 exam (70-523) addresses the developers having six months to one year of experience working with different development platforms, whereas the exam can only be taken in English language. Continue reading “Make a Successful Attempt For Microsoft Dot Net 4 Web Developer 70-523 Exam”

Do You Actually Need To Have ITIL Training?

ITIL is an acronym for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. It is used by Information Technology Services Management, which is referred to as ITSM. It is a crucial part of the information technology practice and provides a great deal of information and tools for the information technologist. This system provides inclusive checklists, procedures and tasks that are customized to fit any IT organization’s needs. ITIL is found in a growing published series of printed books. In 1989, the first book was published, and the number of books quickly grew to over 30 by 1996.

With technology growing every day, it is very important for all ITs to stay on top of the latest practices in their field. Continue reading “Do You Actually Need To Have ITIL Training?”

AutoDesk – Fighting For Education And Innovation

An article from the international CAD software company’s Chief of Education, released in February, is stating the great importance of the next generations correct education. He fervently states that it is not only the use of new technologies we need to teach as they become implemented more and more in educational settings, but the need for the understanding of how the technology works. Otherwise, we could leave a generation that can perfectly well use the technologies, but can’t innovate nor even fix the products.

The Chief of Education at AutoDesk, the producers of AutoCAD, states that part of the problem is that unlike just a few decades ago, people are not learning what is behind the box, i.e. Continue reading “AutoDesk – Fighting For Education And Innovation”

How to Pass the PMP Exam

The Project Management Institute (PMI) offers a certificate for experienced project managers to be recognized for their knowledge in the field. The Project Management Professional (PMP) designation is the Institutes coveted certificate acknowledging the skills required to manage projects that require a specialized diverse set of skills. Many operational or administrative manages will never be exposed to the risks and changes involved in projects. This makes the practitioners of project management highly skilled in managing risk and change.

Managing a project is a lot like managing a small company. Continue reading “How to Pass the PMP Exam”

Getting Involved in CPIM Training – A Birds-Eye View

CPIM Certification Overview

CPIM, which stands for Certified in Production and Inventory Management, is a training course managed by APICS (Advancing Productivity, Innovation, and Competitive Success) that teaches you the techniques necessary to understand, evaluate, and increase production and inventory activities inside a company’s supply chain. Administrated since 1973, roughly 95,000 individuals have taken the CPIM exam.

APICS Background:

APICS, which is also known as The Association for Operations Management, is a world leader and a premier knowledge source in supply chain and operations management, including inventory, production, materials, procurement, and logistics management. Continue reading “Getting Involved in CPIM Training – A Birds-Eye View”

CompTIA’s Top IT 3 Certifications for Beginners

Individuals related to the field of information technology around the globe opt for certifications which best suite them and their interests. They do this in order to add a plus point to their CVs and hence brighten their future through finding better jobs. Most of these exams, unfortunately, include certification preparations that are suitable only for information technology professionals. Those who are new to the field, rarely find anything of their interests. Newcomers to the world of information technology should not loose hope and head out to enhance their knowledge in hardware, software and computer networking.

Before moving on to starting any of these certifications, one needs to consider a lot of points. Continue reading “CompTIA’s Top IT 3 Certifications for Beginners”

HP Certifications – A Key To Become HP Professional

Hewlett Packard (HP) is a renowned name in the IT sector. It has maintained the status and dignity in its field by providing constant and innovative services. One of the services of HP which is well known for imparting professional level technical knowledge to the individuals is the HP Certification. After receiving this certificate the individuals become capable of serving the IT sector in a professional manner. HP certified professionals are well recognized in the IT world and grab special opportunities.

HP certifications are provided to the capable aspirants in order to increase their technical skills. Continue reading “HP Certifications – A Key To Become HP Professional”

CEHv7 Training and Certification Program – Attaining Top Expertise to Infiltrate Systems and Network

Infiltrating computer system and networks to access hypersensitive data and also confidential information is not always the job of malicious hackers. There are job roles in the IT industry and many other government and other organizations, where departments deal with private and confidential data. These honest hackers, with the apt knowledge of latest hacking technologies and tools are hired by such organization. Their job roles include finding the weaknesses and vulnerabilities within a computer system and the entire network in an organization. Continue reading “CEHv7 Training and Certification Program – Attaining Top Expertise to Infiltrate Systems and Network”